Your Health is Your Wealth

I normally try to keep things pretty upbeat and positive and convey that within my online presence. However, I also like to think I’m an open book.

I’ve shared some not so great things on social media like my battle with anxiety and depression, my miscarriage, and my mother’s death.

What I’m writing about today is my recent health struggles. I eluded to this in my $100 Room Challenge Reveal post, but didn't want to go into detail because the focus was on my bathroom and how beautiful it turned out. I wanted to make sure I had all of my results in to share with all of you. Here goes nothing...

The Saturday after Christmas was like any normal day. I woke up and ate breakfast with my family. Then, around 10am, I started feeling dizzy and needed to lay down. I’ve had vertigo multiple times and this was by far the worst dizzy spell I’ve ever had, coupled with a pretty nasty headache. The headache and the dizziness went away later that day.

The following day, I could barely walk. I tried to keep up a brave front, but I was gripping the shopping cart at Target with all my might and walking very gingerly.

The day before New Year’s I went to the doctor with not only those symptoms, but my speech was impaired. I was slurring my words and it took me several extra seconds to gather my thoughts. My brain knew what I wanted to say, but I had a delay with the messaging coming out of my mouth. I also had tingling sensations throughout my head and my right foot would fall asleep for no real reason.

I got a CAT scan done that day, which came back clean. Thank goodness I didn’t have a stroke!

But the mystery of what was going on still lingered.

Ever since, I’ve had to pour every ounce of energy I had into just going out to bring my son to and from school. My walking slowly returned to normal, and the other weird neurological symptoms started to fade, but my energy levels were so freaking low.

I met with a neurologist, had a brain MRI done and 2 different rounds of blood work. I also had an EEG done. After the day I had my EEG, I was in bed the following 2 days because I was absolutely drained and couldn’t focus on anything for the life of me.

I met back up with my neurologist to discuss my results. My MRI was clean. My EEG showed that I have the brain of a 19 year old (I’m 38) and it was “textbook perfect”. The only significant finding was that my Vitamin B-12 levels were a little low.

After all the testing and all of my medical history shared with my neurologist, it turns out that yes, the low B-12 did not help matters. BUT, it turns out that not only do I get typical migraines, but I get atypical ones too. (Lucky me!) Atypical migraines present many of the symptoms I’ve been dealing with.

So, as of right now, I’m taking a B complex supplement. I've started to get some energy back. I’m trying a new non-medicinal treatment where you essentially have electrodes adhered to your forehead and they send electrical currents to rewire the nerve endings that cause migraines.

My neurologist uses this treatment for migraines and he says he’s never felt better. He also has 25 other patients using this treatment successfully.

This whole process has really taught me that your health is your wealth. I can’t take my health for granted anymore. I’ve started meeting with a nutritionist in a couple of weeks and my energy is almost to the point where I can incorporate exercise again.

So, to anyone reading this, make sure you take a moment to pause, reflect, and be thankful for the positive things in your life and have hope for tomorrow. I know I am.

Stay healthy, friends! :)

- Angela

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