One Room Challenge - Week 4

Updated: May 29, 2020

Well, folks, we're at the halfway point in the One Room Challenge!

Quite a bit got accomplished this week in our entry way. Here's what we've done:

1) We cleared EVERYTHING out of the entry way.

2) We demoed the old laminate flooring.

3) We removed the base trim so we can put in our new flooring.

4) We painted all of the door and window trim white. So, I've got a funny story about that. At first, my husband THOUGHT he painted everything white. Heck, I even commented about how fresh it looked in there as he was painting.

Then, we started installing wallpaper. I noticed that the trim looked to have a pinkish tint to it.

I figured it might be the lighting and I'd look at it with fresh eyes the next morning.

Nope. It was still pink in the daylight. Then it dawned on me. My husband grabbed the paint we used in my office, and not the white paint for the trim!

Yup. Same color as the top of these walls...

Oh well. He was frustrated about it, but at least I thought it was funny. My husband repainted the trim and the door white and now all is right in the world.

5) We installed the wallpaper. Here's a picture of it up close.

I love imperfect lines and how they come together to make the subtle buffalo check pattern.

6) We painted the front door. The part of the door facing the inside is white, but the part of the door facing the outside is now this beautiful yellow!

I used a chalk paint from Dixie Belle paint called Rebel Yellow. Tomorrow, I'll be posting a tutorial written by Cheryl Tocci. She's the owner of JJ Belle Designs and is a seller of Dixie Belle. She does an absolutely beautiful job refinishing furniture - check her out!

Finally, here's what we have left to do:

1) Now that my door is painted such a nice, sunny yellow, I want to get a new door wreath and door mat to help it shine. And possibly remove the giant bush near it so I can actually get a full photo facing the door!

2) Install new flooring and sand/stain the transition plate between the entry way and the landing.

3) Add the whitewashed pallet wood accent wall.

4) Build the new bench seat with storage.

5) Put the base trim back in.

6) Purchase new wall hooks and picture frames.

7) Make storage baskets. After taking initial measurements for the bench, we realized standard sized storage baskets that are 13 inches deep would be too deep. Seriously, our entry way is THAT SMALL. We'll be making our own baskets and I'll share the process in a future post.

I may also update some details coming up the stairs. Who knows? I might even design a whole gallery wall. My dad gave me a beautifully framed photograph that my grandfather took for my birthday. I want to showcase it!

I'm so happy with how my entry way is coming together. Please make sure to check out my fellow participants and see their progress too. Let me know which rooms (other than mine) you like best!

Until next time...

Happy Designing!

- Angela :)

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