One Room Challenge - Week 1

Updated: May 29, 2020

It feels like FOREVER since I've done a mood board for a project. Lucky for me, I have a few projects coming up, so I've got some mood boards to create and share with all of you!

For starters, my hubby and I are renovating our entry way as part of the One Room Challenge.

It's similar to the $100 Room Challenge I participated in earlier this year. I get to share progress on a weekly basis and get to meet other interior designers who are doing the challenge alongside me. It's not a competition, but rather a way for participants to celebrate their creativity and original design work. Not only would I love for you to follow along my journey, but also check out my fellow designers and their progress. You can learn about their projects here.

The only difference between the $100 Room Challenge and the One Room Challenge is that I don't have a budget constraint. This doesn't mean I'm going to go overboard spending money. In fact, I still have some free and low-cost tricks up my sleeve.

Without further ado, here's my mood board!

1) I've had this wallpaper stored in my attic for well over a year. I initially wanted to use it as an accent wall in my kitchen/dining room. However, once we started plans for the addition, I knew I'd be losing a lot of that wall since it will eventually be the french doors out to our new deck.

Once my hubby and I decided to renovate our entry way, I knew that this wallpaper would be the perfect addition and showcase how we welcome people into our home. We've never used wallpaper before, so fingers crossed it goes smoothly (literally!)...

2) On the back wall of the entry way, we're planning on doing an accent wall made from whitewashed pallet wood (a.k.a. FREE). Our current set of hooks I feel would compete with the pallet wood wall.

I wanted a set of hooks with some different dimension. These hooks also remind me of the entry way hooks I had in my home growing up, so they feel like a perfect touch.

3) Simply put, these are the frames I'll be using to frame some artwork for the space (which I'll be chatting about later).

4) This is the pillow I've picked to sit on the bench we'll be building into the entry way. I love that it ties in a few of the colors I'll be incorporating into the space in the stripes and the cute tassels! Also, it should come as no surprise to those who know me and my love of anything involving Joanna Gaines that it's from her Hearth and Home line from Target (a place I also have an undying love for).

5) Where I'm injecting color in other elements within the entry way, I didn't want an accent rug with lots of color. I love this jute rug because it brings in texture in place of color AND it will hold up well to all the dirt that will naturally be tracked in. I can easily step outside my door and shake it off (cue Taylor Swift)!

6) This is the color I've chosen to paint the built-in bench we're creating. It's Behr's Color of the Year, Back to Nature. I've loved this springy shade of green ever since Behr announced it as their color of the year about 6 months ago and knew I wanted to incorporate it somewhere in my home. The entry way bench is the perfect place!

7) One thing my current entry way lacks is storage. Books, basketballs, and mittens easily get thrown all over the place.

Where my current entry way is really small, I knew the built-in bench needed some storage options. That's where these decorative baskets come in!

8) I fell in love with William Morris when I was in design school. He was a textile designer who was one of the founders of the British Arts and Crafts movement in the mid to late-1800s. His prints are absolutely stunning. Just Google him, select images, and you'll see what I mean.

I came across a website called when searching for William Morris prints and fell in love with this bird print. Once I print it out and frame it, this print will be the perfect element that ties all of the color in the entry way together.

9) This chandelier has been hanging in our entry way for about a year now.

To be honest, I couldn't even tell you what the light fixture it replaced even looked like. (It wasn't cute. I'll tell you that much.) Long story short, I drooled at this beauty every time I stepped foot inside of World Market (which happens to be one of my favorite stores for home decor). When it finally went on sale, I knew I had to have it. I normally HATE shopping in December because of the crowds. But I fought a whole bunch of traffic to get my hands on this stunner. And now she'll stay in my entry way for years to come.

10) I'm so not a fan of my front door. It's kinda meh. I'd venture to say it probably was installed when my house was initially built in 1983. I've gone back and forth with my hubby about replacing it because, well, exterior doors can be REALLY expensive.

When one of my favorite local home decor businesses, Junction 71, posted on their Facebook page that they've pieced together door painting kits for all of us at home tackling DIY projects, I was sold. I love this shade of yellow and believe it will be the true welcoming first impression my house needs. Plus, the name, Rebel Yellow, is a nod to one of my favorites, Billy Idol!

Here are the links for all of the items in my mood board. Important disclosure: Please read before proceeding.

I am a proud affiliate for some of these items. Affiliate links are used for each item that I am an affiliate of, which means that if you click that link and subsequently make a purchase, I will earn a commission. You pay nothing extra; any commission I earn comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that my recommendations are based on my experience with and knowledge of these companies and their products. I recommend them to my readers because I genuinely find them to be helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I receive if you choose to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will help you achieve your design/decor goals.


Wall Hooks

Picture Frames


Jute Rug

Behr Back to Nature Paint

Decorative Basket

William Morris Bird Print


Dixie Belle Rebel Yellow Chalk Paint

Now, this mood board is only a small taste of what we have in store. We'll be redoing the floors of the entry way and the landing, as well as our stairs leading up to our main level of the house.

There you have it! I can't wait to see how the space comes together and share it with all of you! Until next time...

Happy Designing!

- Angela :)

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