My Top 5 Favorite Clear Storage Containers

Some of you may know that I completed a $100 Room Challenge last year where I transformed my coat closet into a pantry.

In the middle of the challenge, I binge watched "Get Organized with the Home Edit" on Netflix on a Sunday.

The big takeaway for me, at least when it comes to my pantry (or any pantry) is using clear containers to store items. Why? It makes it so much easier for you to see what you have and what's running low.

This was truly an Oprah A-ha moment for me.

I can't tell you how many times I've went for a snack, only to find the box COMPLETELY EMPTY. And I wouldn't have thought to put said item on my grocery list, because, well, the box is still there.

Now, I can easily see how much of a particular item I have and be able to more effectively plan my shopping list. It's truly been a game changer.

When diving into the $100 Room Challenge, I luckily already had most the the containers I'd be using. I was already using clear containers for dried goods used for baking because I learned the hard way that you don't want to be low on flour when you're trying to make a birthday cake.

But, I hadn't really incorporated the clear container strategy fully for snacks (as was mentioned before) or items like cereal.

If you're looking to transition your pantry items into clear containers, I have some great news for you. There are plenty of options out there in all price points!

Without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite clear container choices (in no particular order).

Mason Jars

Kicking things off is one of my most used items in my house, the Mason jar. I used these for drinking glasses, vases, a pencil/pen holder on my desk, a container for cotton balls in my bathroom - you name it! But, for the pantry, I use Mason jars for dry goods I buy in smaller quantities like chia seeds and flax.

One thing to note - make sure you get the plastic lids to accompany your Mason jars. The metal lids the jars come with can rust over time.

OXO Pop-Up Containers

These containers are a bit on the pricey side. However, they are definitely worth every penny. I love that they are pretty much accident proof. Once you secure the lid, NOTHING is coming out. Trust me, I've knocked one of these containers over before, so I've seen with my own eyes that the lid stays secure and nothing inside comes out.

These containers are also great for messier dry goods like sugar or flour. You can get your measuring cup right in there without any issues.

Plastic Shoe Boxes

These are great for storing juice boxes, snack bars, and applesauce pouches (or any other grab and go snack). Having these makes it so much easier for my son to pack his lunches for school.

Glass Storage Jars with Clamp Lids

I must confess that these jars were a bit of a "planned" impulse buy a few years ago. I saw these at World Market and had visions of floating shelves that displayed all my dry goods in these jars.

My husband was fully on board with my vision. Sadly, the vision never came to be. When we started work on our addition, we quickly realized that the wall we had planned for our shelves would be taken over by a sliding glass door that would lead to our new deck. Luckily, these jars do a great job at storing ingredients like oats, rice, and quinoa.

Cereal Containers with Clip Tops

Finally, we have these cereal containers with clip tops. This is the only item I didn't have and had to add into the pantry storage mix. Not only do I use these for cereal, but they're great for popcorn and Wheat Thins too.

There you have it - my top 5 favorite clear storage containers. They can all be used throughout your home in a variety of ways - not just for your pantry!

Until next time...

Happy Designing and Organzing!

- Angela :)

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