Mood Board Monday - Holiday Tablescape Edition

It seems like it's been FOREVER since I've created a mood board. When I work with clients, I usually go straight to a concept board, so they can see everything I've selected together in proper scale.

I decided to pick back up with mood boarding (I'm pretty sure "mood boarding" is not a real word, but I'm running with it) for 2 reasons:

1) I have fun putting them together.

2) I've had A LOT of people ask about piecing together holiday decor. What better way to convey a vision to a wide audience that has different spaces to work with, than a mood board?

I've landed on the holiday tablescape for one main reason - everyone has a table of some sort. I've seen beautiful mantles on Instagram and Pinterest and gotten sheer mantle envy. I've seen trees of all shapes and sizes. Some of us have limited wall space. But the table and creating a tablescape I can get behind.

When piecing this mood board together, I wanted to keep some important things in mind:

1) It has to be affordable. You may already have similar items on hand, so you can cut down your overall costs even further!

2) It has to blend with many people's holiday esthetic. Not everyone does the traditional red and green color palette, so I stuck with white, silver, and gold. You can easily mix in any and all of these items with decor you already have. Plus - you can easily use them to ring in the New Year!

3) This mood board is assuming you have a plain white tablecloth as your base. Since tables come in all shapes and sizes, I can't recommend a specific one that fits your needs. However, this tablescape would look just as pretty if you have a beautiful tabletop to showcase and don't use a tablecloth.

Without further ado, I bring you my Holiday Tablescape Mood Board! Hyperlinks for each item are below.

Plate Charger

Bird Ornament

White Dinner Plate

Table Runner

Gingerbread House Kit

Silver Cloth Napkins

Cake Stand

Mercury Glass Candle Holder

I think my favorite item is the bird ornament. It can be used as a napkin king or be placed on each plate. If you're having a dinner party or family gathering, these can also serve as gifts for your guests as a small thank you for coming over and having a wonderful time with you!

There you have it - my holiday tablescape mood board! I hope it inspires you this season. Until next time... Happy Designing and Happy Holidays! - Angela :)

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