Inspiring Home Office Wish List - Desk Edition

If you read my previous post, you already know some tips and tricks for creating an inspiring home office. Now, it's time to add those wish list items into your home office space! First up, I'm sharing my desk wish list.

1) A sit/stand desk is a wonderful option. If you're going to be at your desk for 8 hours a day, why sit the whole time? This particular desk is about half the price of other options that convert your current desk into a sit/stand.

2) This desk is a good choice if you need something that provides a lot of covered storage, but doesn't take up a ton of real estate. When you're done working, you just fold the desktop up!

3) If you don't have space for a desk, why not use an end table? This option has an interior shelf you can use to store your laptop or paperwork when not being used as your workstation. I'm always a fan of furniture that is both beautiful and pulls double-duty.

4) With this desk, if you have a wall where you need some bookcases, you have a desk! I love this option because you can easily put this in any room (think living room, bedroom, etc.) and it becomes a beautiful focal point!

5) This console table easily pulls double duty as a desk. It can go in a number of places in your home, including an entryway, walk-in closet, or dining room. Not only it is a solid option as a workspace, but it provides a great pop of color! (It also comes in a rich navy blue if minty green isn't your thing.)

6) If you're severely limited on space, a fold down desk is a great solution. I love this one for 2 reasons. First, you have storage space inside for office supplies, picture frames, etc. Second, when you fold it up, it has a chalkboard! I love me some multipurpose furniture!

Here's a quick roundup of the items I've mentioned and links to purchase:

Sit/Stand Desk

Desk in Armoire

End Table

Desk in Bookcase

Pop of Color Console Table

Fold Down Desk

I hope this helps as a starting point for putting together your own home office. My next post will talk about chairs so you can sit at your desk! Until then...

Happy Designing!

- Angela

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