Design Extravaganza at the Hall House!

It's confession time. My house gives me design anxiety. There is soooooo much I want to do that I want to pull my hair out. I have all the time in the world to carry out my grand plans, but we're on a tight budget as a family and most of the time it's me, myself, and I. My husband works full-time and is heavily involved with our son's Cub Scout pack as the Cubmaster, so the time he has to help me is limited. However, I'm truly blessed that he is fully supportive of me wanting to redesign our home as much as our budget will allow. And I know I have lots of creative tricks up my sleeve. With this in mind, I kicked off my design extravaganza yesterday!

Goodbye, orange walls, and hello Lagoon Reflection! This room used to be my son's bedroom. He decided for whatever reason that sleeping in there was creeping him out (he's been in this room for over a year and decided all of a sudden to share this, go figure). So, we've moved him into our den downstairs and will be in the process of converting that into his bedroom.

That meant his bedroom was up for grabs. When my father moved in with us, he took over the bedroom next to our master bedroom that I was using for my office. My wonderful husband helped me in attempting to convert our bedroom closet into a part closet part office. That use of space was short-lived because it's such a small space, and well, it's really a closet. So, when Cameron moved out of his bedroom, I chomped at the bit to take over his space. I'm getting my own office again, y'all! I'll be documenting my progress on the office and the rest of my home redesign projects here on the Friar Tuck Design blog, as well has my Instagram page. Stay tuned!

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