Color Baby Steps

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Now that I've launched my color theory class, I want to start off by incorporating some color palettes into your repertoire. I'll start off with the most subtle and work my way up. We'll take baby steps - you've got this!

The first color palette I'll be discussing is achromatic. In a nutshell, this color palette is the "absence" of color (or at least the ones on the color wheel).

Think shades of black, grey, white, cream, beige and everything in between.

I know what you must be thinking. "But, Angela...isn't this kind of boring?" To that I say, heck no! Just remember these 3 magic words for keeping an achromatic color palette interesting:

A space that really captures all three of these magic words is the HGTV Urban Oasis house for 2019. Take a look:

This space is a beauty. And there are no colors from the color wheel ANYWHERE! (Unless you're counting the greenery.) Let me quickly break it down...

Pattern: The rug, the throw pillows on the sectional, and the macrame wall hanging ALL have some cool patterns going on. You can really have fun with this and mix more subtle patterns like a herringbone...

With a more graphic pattern like this Aztec print.

Texture: The macrame wall hanging, the rug, the knitted throw blanket, and the accent chair all provide the space with different textures to keep it interesting. You can have a lot of fun adding cozy throw blankets, pillows and rugs to your space!

Shine: When I say shine, I mean blending in metal accents. We've got the gold candlesticks, the brass horse on top of the stack of books, and the galvanized metal pot holding the plant on the end table. In this space, the shine is subtle, but still brings visual interest.

This also brings me to another general design tip. You can mix and match your metals! Just like mixing patterns, you can add different types of metals to your space and it will look great.

We did it! We've gotten our toes wet in the world of color and building a beautiful space. Next week, I'll be turning up the notch just a little bit.

Until then...

Happy Designing!

- Angela : )

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