3 Easy Ways to Remove Toxins From Your Home

Since we've all been stuck in our homes for several weeks now, I've thought a lot about creating a beautiful environment for our families. Obviously, as an interior designer, I tend to look at that from an aesthetic and functional angle.

However, I've also thought a lot about the home environment from a health perspective. Since this isn't in my wheelhouse, I turned to my friend, Jessica Goldschmidt.

Doesn't she have a beautiful family?

She's a Young Living coach who works with busy parents who want health freedom and a desire to have more energy to keep up with their life.

Her approach is helping to relieve the stress of finding holistic solutions. She does this by providing simple and easy how-to’s, offering quick and fun DIYs and recipes, finding products that work for the family, and fine-tuning ways to tangibly make changes to a non-toxic home.

Sounds great, right? Without further ado, take it away, Jessica!

Hi everyone!

I know you want your home to be a safe haven for your family, ensure that it is free from toxins, and safeguard your wellness. Did you know that we bring harmful chemicals into our home every day?! Exposure to these toxins, over time, can have a long lasting impact on your family's health and wellness. Here is how you can get started! These are small decisions that will help you to make big changes for your family. Follow these 3 simple steps to begin removing toxic chemicals from your home. Read all the way to the end for a simple gentle scrub recipe, which is an easy go-to for cleaning sinks and tubs. 1. REMOVE YOUR SHOES We track many chemicals into our home on the bottoms of our shoes - pesticide, herbicides, bacteria, and animal waste. These can settle into your carpet and the nooks and crannies of tile or wood floors. Herbicides, for instance, can last up to a week after application and exposure can cause minor skin rashes and belly upsets. If you have small children crawling around on your floor, here is an easy solution for you! Change into house slippers when you get home and leave those shoes at the door.

2. GLASS OVER PLASTIC Growing evidence that BPA can be harmful to humans has led to an influx of "BPA-free" products on the market. However, testing done at Washington State University has found that “many of these common replacements are not safe”. They found that the alternative chemicals used to replace the function of BPA aren't much different than BPA itself. BPA and these alternative chemicals are linked to a wide range of potential health effects, impacting brain development and disrupting hormone functions.

Source: Jessica Goldschmidt

By using glass or ceramic containers instead, you will reduce the exposure of these toxins getting into your food when stored. 3. WOOL DRYER BALLS Dryer sheets contain harmful chemicals that adhere to clothes, release into the air, and rub off on your skin. These chemicals can trigger asthma and disrupt hormones that affect metabolism and reproductive and nervous systems. Wool dryer balls are the better alternative! They dry your clothes 15-20% faster (by helping to circulate the air), soften your clothing, and help to reduce static. If you’re a fan of scents, add a few drops of your favorite therapeutic grade essential oil directly to the wool balls before tossing into the dryer. ORANGE GENTLE SCRUB DIY RECIPE

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of baking soda 1/4 cup of castile soap (4 tablespoons) 15 - 25 drops of therapeutic grade orange essential oil 1/4 cup of water (4 tablespoons) DIRECTIONS: Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Add more water or baking soda as necessary, you want to get it to a pasty consistency. Transfer and store it in an airtight container or jar.

Thank you so much, Jessica! These are some great tips. I know I definitely have to get better about shoes in the house! You can learn more about Jessica and Young Living essential oils and plant-based products at https://jloils.lifestepseo.com. She's also on Instagram @hiitsjessicalee.

Until next time...

Happy Designing and Happy Healthy Living in Your Home!

- Angela :)

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