$100 Room Challenge...With a Twist!

Last year, I had the pleasure of participating in two $100 Room Challenges.

The challenge was started over 5 years ago by Erin Meyer of Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry. As you can see in the logo, you have one month to transform a room (or space) with a budget of $100. Last year, I tackled my upstairs bathroom in the January 2020 challenge and converted a coat closet into a pantry for the September 2020 challenge.

This year, I currently do not have any projects I can realistically tackle in my own home over the month of January for $100. We've got some major projects planned here at the Friar Tuck house including: finishing the addition that will be an in-law apartment for my dad; tearing down the wood paneling in my great room then adding new sheet rock and paint; building a new deck off the back of our house with french doors for access; new windows and vinyl siding; and adding an electric fireplace in our living room with shelving on both sides.

With that being said, I've loved participating in the challenge because it forces me to get REALLY creative with my design ideas and think outside the box. Plus, everyone who I've participated with are truly wonderful ladies - several of whom I've kept in touch with on social media. The ladies participating this time around will be featured at the bottom of each $100 Room Challenge post, so you can get some ideas and inspiration from them too!

I simply couldn't let this opportunity slip away because I don't have a space in my own home to redesign. Because of this, I'm going to instead help not one, but two of my friends in redesigning a space in their own homes. But, this isn't the full twist. The majority of my work will be done virtually! I'll be piecing together my design ideas and walking my friends through every step of the way from the privacy of my own home. I'm going this route for 2 reasons: 1) to keep all parties involved as safe as possible during the pandemic; and 2) one friend lives 45 minutes away and the other lives well over an hour away. It would be difficult with our schedules to carve out large periods of time for me to come to their houses and help. My goal is to visit each project at least once so I can take pictures of progress and really get my hands dirty (because that's part of the fun)! Are you ready to see what I'll be working on? First up, is Beth!

Beth is a mom of three kiddos. She has wanted to update her master bathroom for YEARS, but never had the budget to it. Here are some before photos:

As you can see, the bathroom itself is dated - from the floral tile to the glass shower door to the medicine cabinet (which Beth especially wants to see leave the space!). Luckily, all elements of the bathroom are in really great shape, so by making some small changes, we'll be able to make a huge impact. My goal is to make this space a retreat for Beth, so she can go there and relax!

Next, we have my friend Shannon, who is a mom of twin teenage boys.

She, much like many of us, had her work environment impacted by the pandemic. Before, she had a home office to herself. Now, her husband is also working from home for the time being and has moved into her office. Shannon has moved her workspace into a nook in her master bedroom. Here are some before photos:

She's looking to transform the space into one that truly reflects her. She's also wants to have her space provide a visually beautiful background for her many virtual meetings.

One of my major goals for Shannon is to create a portable backdrop of some sort that she can easily move behind her while she's on camera. If we have time and budget after we transform the workspace, we'll then move into the overall bedroom and add some touches. I'm truly excited for both of these projects and being able to help these wonderful women. I'm looking forward to taking the lessons learned from my $100 Room Challenge bathroom and applying them towards Beth's project. I also relate so much to Shannon as I've moved my workspace into my bedroom now that my husband's working from home for the time being.

There you have it! Stay tuned for next week where I'll share my initial plans for both spaces. Until next time...

Happy Designing! - Angela :)

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