$100 Room Challenge - Week 4

We're soooo close to the finish line with the $100 Room Challenge. Only one week left! My goal is to actually have the pantry DONE by the deadline this time. No illness or other distractions are going to get in my way!

Here's what happened this past week:

1) The back of the pantry has been wallpapered and the sides have been painted.

It turns out we didn't have nearly as much of the wallpaper from our entry way project leftover as we thought. So, we decided to wallpaper the back wall and paint the sides an off-white.

Luckily, we had enough off-white paint leftover from other projects (believe it or not, we had paint from the last $100 challenge in the bathroom that matched PERFECTLY) so we didn't need to tap into the overall $100 budget for this unexpected expense. Phew!

2) I picked up the old wooden bolt box and my handyman husband added wheels to it.

Then, I added onions and potatoes to it!

As I mentioned in last week's post, the old wooden bolt box was $10. The wheels were another $10. You can't beat $20 for a truly unique, custom piece for the pantry that will perfectly store our root vegetables.

3) We purchased the plywood needed to build the shelves, stained them, and installed them.

We had enough scrap wood leftover from other projects to use as the bracing. We painted the bracing the off-white on the walls. The shelves themselves have be stained with stain we already have from previous projects. It was a custom finish mixing roughly 2 parts Minwax Weathered Oak with 1 part Minwax Espresso.

4) I've slowly started adding items to my pantry!

Snacks will be roughly at what I call "grab and go" level.

Baking items will be the shelf above snacks.

The very top shelf will be used for backstock and tableware.

Here's what has been spent so far:

- Bolt Box for root veggies = $10

- Wheels for bolt box = $10

- Plywood for shelves = $37

- Bread Box = $9.99

- Total = $66.99

- Paint, stain, and wallpaper were free as they came from other projects

Here's what we have left to do:

1) Purchase some additional storage containers and labels for the pantry. (That will definitely eat up the remainder of my budget...)

2) Organize all of my food items and add them into the pantry.

3) Admire my amazing new pantry!

We're definitely in the home stretch! Until next time...

Happy Designing!

- Angela :)

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