$100 Room Challenge - Week 3

It seems like this month is flying by, right? Maybe it's because school started and it's easy to get sucked into the back-to-school craziness. Or maybe it's because the month is already halfway over!

In any event, because the month is halfway over, that means I'm that much closer to getting the organized pantry of my dreams!

Speaking of organization, have you watched "Get Organized with The Home Edit" on Netflix yet?

I binge watched it on Sunday. Within each episode, the Home Edit team organizes a space for a celebrity and a space for a regular person who is nominated to get help. The first episode featured Reese Witherspoon (one of my favorite celebrities EVER), so I was officially hooked.

I definitely got some inspiration and ideas for my own pantry - stay tuned for what I incorporate!

Anyway, here's what happened in my coat closet to be turned into a pantry this past week.

1) Everything got cleared out of the closet! Well, except for the recycling. I'm still trying to figure where that's going to go.

I might end up moving it into the cabinet where some of our snacks are next to the dishwasher. Since the cabinet is low and deep, it can be hard to see what snacks are in there.

2) I'll be doing a little DIY action for root veggie storage.

I knew I wanted a rolling crate of some sort to store potatoes and onions. But when I looked online for rolling crates, they'd take up almost half my $100 budget!

I went to Facebook Marketplace and lo and behold, came across this old wooden bolt box:

I snatched it up for $10 and I'll be picking it up on Friday. Once I put some wheels on the bottom, it'll be good to go!

As of right now, here's what I've spent so far for the $100 Room Challenge:

- Old wooden bolt box = $10.00

- Bread box = $9.99

Total = $19.99

There you have it! The plan is to install wallpaper Thursday/Friday and start installing shelves this weekend. Stay tuned!

Until next time...

Happy Designing!

- Angela :)

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