$100 Room Challenge - Week 2

We're officially off to the races with my two virtual $100 Room Challenge projects! It's so exciting to see everything starting to take shape, even though I'm not doing the brunt of the work.

I'd like to share what's happened this past week and some of my initial plans for Beth's bathroom and Shannon's workspace.

First up is Beth. Her kiddos are returning back to school next week, so she'll be doing the majority of the work then. Luckily, we have a great plan in place and Beth has most of the materials she'll need already.

Here's the mood board I created for her space:

This whole mood board seemed to magically come together. Beth already had the top 2 colors of paint. The first color (Solemn Silence by Behr) will go on the walls and the second color (Deep Twilight Blue by Valspar) will go on the cabinetry and shelving.

We also discussed painting the tile above the bathtub to cover the dated floral print, which is the third color on the mood board. We chose Behr Interior Chalk Paint in Gingham.

One of the items on Beth's wish list for the bathroom was a new valance for her window. Knowing the cost of a brand new valance from a store could easily take a large chunk out of her budget, I took a look at my fabric pile. I saw this print and knew it could be perfect for the valance - luckily, Beth fell in love with it too! So, I'll be making the valance and Beth already has a curtain rod she can use, so this part of the project is completely FREE!

The final color of the mood board is the green apple color pulled from the fabric that we'll add in small touches. Beth actually went shopping and found some scrapbooking paper that same color that has almost a grasscloth texture to it. We're going to try it as a backing to the shelving to bring a little pop of color.

Finally, Beth has lots of plants throughout her home, so we'll be incorporating smaller plants and cuttings into the space to help bring in that feeling of an oasis.

Next up is Shannon. I'll admit I was a little perplexed at how I was possibly going to create (or have Shannon create) a portable backdrop for her virtual meetings. Thankfully, Pinterest is my friend and I found a tutorial on creating a backdrop using PVC piping via downhomeinspiration.com.

I looked at the tutorial and it seems totally doable. Plus - the author had her kids helping, so that tells me it's very user friendly.

Then, it was onto the task of fabric for the backdrop. Now, I don't need to tell you that fabric can be incredibly pricy and could easily eat away at Shannon's $100 budget.

So, I knew I had to be creative and find fabric that was durable, cost-effective, and easily accessible. I found 4 pattern options from JoAnn Fabrics!

Well, I'd like to keep you all in suspense wondering what she picked. So, I won't share that little detail until next week's post ;).

There you have it. Both $100 Room Challenge projects are coming along nicely. If you want to see what my fellow challenge participants are up to, you can check out their progress below.

Until next time...

Happy Designing!

- Angela :)

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