$100 Room Challenge - Week 2

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

And we're back! Right now, the bathroom does not look drastically different from the before pictures I shared last week. This past week, I wanted to really hone in on ALL of the projects I want to get done and the items I need to accomplish them. I also wanted to start chipping away at purchasing the items we didn't already have. Here goes nothing...

1) Replace Flooring

We've selected the flooring! Hooray! We chose this peel and stick luxury vinyl from Lumber Liquidators.

My husband and I also checked out our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for options. They are a great resource if you have smaller projects. We ALMOST went with tile for our floor because the price was so great! However, when you factor in the fact that we don't have any of the other materials (grout, tile cutters, liner, etc.) and the time involved (my initial idea was to paint a stencil on top of white tile), it wouldn't have worked for this particular project. But mark my words, I see a tile craft project in my future and I'll be back to stock up!

2) Replace Shower Curtain

As I mentioned in last week's post, I have a DIY solution up my sleeve to save me some money. A cloth shower curtain would easily be 20% of my budget. I've got the fabric in hand. I want to keep it a surprise as it's an unconventional fabric source. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on making a DIY shower curtain in an upcoming post...

3) Paint Walls

We totally scored big at Lowe's with their mistints! We got a full can of white paint for $9.00! It normally retails for $65!

4) Paint Trim

The trim is a true good news/bad news scenario. The good news is that I have enough paint from a previous project to paint the trim. The bad news is that we have to replace all our trim! :(

It looks so gross without trim....EW.

Womp. Womp.

However, the silver lining is that I wasn't in love with the trim and I can pick out trim that's more modern. Our bathroom is pretty small, so it shouldn't hit us too hard on the budget.

5) Repair/Paint Vanity

I already have the paint I'll be using for the vanity thanks to a previous project. I'll either spray paint the current knobs or replace them with leftover knobs/handles from another project.

6) Add New Artwork/Decorative Shelving

My goal for this portion of the project is to have all this be free. I've got some printables lined up and some picture frames in my closet that I previously used elsewhere in my house. That covers the artwork. I don't want to reveal TOO much, but I'm really digging this printable from Kendra John Designs:

You can either download her bathroom printables for free, or if you ain't got time for that/aren't particularly in the DIY spirit, she'll print them and ship them to you for a very reasonable price.

I also have some pallet wood/wood scraps that my handyman husband can use for shelving. Thank heavens for handyman husbands!

7) Other Projects to Tackle

Replace Towel Rack (will probably be a hook or towel ring closer to the sink)

Update Lighting (will probably be spray painting the metal)

Update Mirror (may or may not happen based on budget)

Add Curtain for Bathroom Window (may or may not happen based on budget)

Replace Bath Mat (what I choose will be based on budget)

So, there's your Week 2 Update. My husband and I are planning on doing some actual work in the bathroom this weekend, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of progress photos to share next week. Until then...

Happy Designing!

-Angela : )

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