$100 Room Challenge - Week 1

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

I am so excited to kick off the new year (AND a new decade) with a fun interior design challenge! I am honored to be part of a wonderful group of interior design/DIY bloggers participating in the $100 Room Challenge! For those not in the know, the $100 Room Challenge is a bi-annual challenge created by Erin Meyer from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry. During the months of January and September, Erin invites us to redesign a room in our home. We've got one month and a budget of $100. If you're curious about how the $100 Room Challenge and how much it has grown since she started, check out her post.

My husband and I have been chipping away slowly at different desgn projects throughout our home since we purchased it over two years ago. There are a few rooms we haven't touched yet, so that made things pretty easy in terms choosing a space. We decided on our upstairs bathroom for a couple reasons:

1) We added a second bathroom downstairs in our basement (we live in a split-level house) that went over budget and time. Choosing our other bathroom felt like a good challenge in terms of limiting our budget and time allotted.

2) The bathroom is by no means an eye-sore, but there's definitely some need for cosmetic updates. Take a peek at the "before" pictures and what we're looking to address:

Exhibit A: the bubbly laminate floor near the bathtub/shower. Not only do we have the bubble, but we have...

Random red dots that were there when we moved in. We try to cover them with our laundry hamper, but they clearly need to go. Replacing the floors will be the most important item to address (and the biggest budget eater...).

Exhibit B: the not so practical towel rack.

You may be saying to yourself, "what's wrong with that towel rack? It looks fine to me." Well, then let me show you this...

That's my 6'5" husband trying to reach for the hand towel at the sink. He clearly can't, so you've got sopping wet hands dripping on the floor before you even reach the towel. We'll definitely be adding a hook or towel ring closer to the sink.

Exhibit C: our vanity that looks like it's lost a few battles.

Clearly, we don't have the budget (or the time) to replace the vanity. This isn't our first furniture refinishing rodeo, so we'll be fixing up this guy to look good as new.

Those are the big ticket items we want to address. Here's the rest of the bathroom:

The walls in the bathroom are nothing to write home about. I'm hoping a new paint color and some artwork will brighten things up.

I like this shower curtain and it somehow miraculously matches the current wall paint. Alas, it needs to go. Yours truly has a DIY solution up her sleeve for this!

These door hooks were here when we moved in. I wasn't going for a nautical look when we moved in, nor am I looking to do one now. Out they go!

Finally, we've got the bathroom mirror and lighting. Not bad, but they could use an update. I'm not 100% sure how much of an update they'll get based on budget, but we'll see!

And there you have it! I'll be posting updates throughout each Wednesday. I would love for you to follow along with me and my new blogger friends! Stay tuned for what's next and until next time...

Happy Designing!

- Angela :)

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