$100 Room Challenge - The Reveals!

The day has finally come. It's time to reveal the after pictures of the $100 Room Challenge!

I'm so excited that I get to reveal not one, but 2 rooms completed! Let's get to it...

First up, is Shannon. Those of you who have been following along know she revamped her workspace in her master bedroom. She previously had a separate room as her home office, but that went to her husband when COVID hit and he started working remotely.

Shannon's biggest request was creating a Zoom-worthy background for all her virtual meetings. And, did she EVER! Here are the after photos:

Would you believe this is a shower curtain? It is! This is a great DIY friendly tip if you don't have a sewing machine (or sewing skills). Fabric shower curtains, flat bed sheets, and tablecloths are great options if you need a large section of fabric. Plus, they're usually less expensive than similar fabric you'd buy at the craft store.

Shannon shared that because of the backdrop and how little she spent, she's going to buy multiple shower curtains and switch out her "background" when the mood strikes.

And, she definitely has room in her budget to do so. Shannon sourced framed photos and art from other areas of her home and added them to the walls surrounding her workspace.

Because Shannon worked with what she already had, her only costs were for the backdrop. She spent $14 on the PVC pipe frame and $14.97 for the shower curtain, making her grand total only $28.97. That leaves her room for at least 4 more shower curtain backdrops!

Shannon says she's now so happy with her sunny little spot.

Now, onto Beth's master bathroom and it's big reveal...

Beth REALLY stretched that $100 budget. She was able to use paint from other projects on the walls and shelving. She also brought in plants from other areas of her house and painted some of the pots with the wall paint color.

Plus, she had a little help from yours truly in adding the valance for the window.

Here's a breakdown of what Beth spent:

Chalk Paint (tile) - $19.98

Mirror - $32

Accessories - $22

Towel Rack/Hooks - $20

Scrap Book Paper (backing for shelving units) - $6

She ended the project with $0.02 to spare!

Beth was so happy with the process and the experience that she wanted to share about it:

When I began this $100 Makeover Challenge, I was lucky to have most of the more expensive supplies from prior projects (the wall paint and the shelving unit paint). Both are colors that I was glad to have the opportunity to use again. Also, I didn’t need to buy things like paint brushes, drop cloths, spackling, sandpaper, etc. as I had plenty of those already.

To maximize the budget, so I could buy a new mirror, I used mason jars and terra cotta pots I already had and painted them with the chalk paint. Having lots of plants around the house allowed me to take cuts to use in this project too.

The valance would have claimed a big portion of a $100 budget, but luckily Angela had fabric that was perfect for this color palette and fit my style – it looks fantastic in this space and pulls all of the colors together nicely.

The biggest challenge I usually face when tackling a project like this is being able to rein myself in and not overdo (overspend) or take on too much – the planning and preparation with Angela really helped with this. Because we spent the first two weeks of the month planning the project, building the budget, then collecting supplies, I was able to dive in on January 19th with a clear, concise plan in place.

Angela really helped me think outside the box about using items I already had and creating new décor with them, which extended the budget and helped bring the space to life. She was incredibly supportive every step of the way and reassured me – especially when (mid-paint!). I thought the chalk paint color wasn’t going to work and almost changed it up completely! I stuck with it and love the way it looks.

The outdated medicine cabinet and the floral tile made me really dislike this bathroom, so I couldn’t be more pleased with the updates of the mirror and the painted tile. The wall paint also helps to create a softer, more serene feeling, and the addition of the painted shelving with the “pop of green apple” in the tub area with plants and containers for bath salts, etc. creates a nice space to relax. I’m really pleased with the results of this project and totally surprised at what $100 can do with some creative thinking and DIY crafts!

Well, folks, I think it's safe to say we have 2 new $100 Room Challenge converts! They both now have rooms in their homes they love without blowing their budget. I've loved working with Shannon and Beth and seeing their progress throughout the month of January. Maybe I'll have a room in my own home ready to go for the next challenge!

Until next time...

Happy Designing!

- Angela

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