$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal!!!

Well, folks, it's a wrap. I've FINALLY completed the transformation of my coat closet to a pantry for the $100 Room Challenge!!!

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane to see what my closet looked like before and why I desperately needed a pantry in the first place:

If you'll recall, the coat closet also doubled as where we collect our recycling. Because of being able to remove items from a deep cabinet and move them into the new pantry, the cabinet is now going to be our new recycling center.

The coats have been moved into other closets and we have recycled a good portion of the giant paper bag pile.

And here's a reminder of my mood board for the project:

But, here's the moment you've all been waiting for, MY FINISHED PANTRY!!!

I designed the labels on the Avery (label manufacturer's website). It took an initial oops round to determine I needed to make the font larger and bolder. But now, it's all consistent and I can clearly see what's in all the clear containers.

Speaking of clear containers, I'm telling you, these are LIFE CHANGING. One of my biggest pet peeves is grabbing a snack and realizing the box is completely empty. By storing items in clear containers, I can clearly see how much of a certain item is left and what I need to add to my shopping list.

Something you'll notice about the pantry is the lighting. We realized as we were putting items in how dark it is without any sort of light source. We didn't think about this when it was serving as our coat closet because you could see everything clearly hung up and know which coat is yours and which one is someone else's.

My hallway doesn't have a light in it either to provide any source of light. So, we added some battery-operated LED lights. This was definitely an unexpected expense. However, it was necessary so you can actually see everything!

Here's a final breakdown of the materials I used and cost:

- Wallpaper and paint = FREE (used wallpaper left over from my entry way and paint leftover from my downstairs hallway)

- Rolling Crate for Root Veggies = $20.00 ($10 for wooden bolt box and $10 for caster wheels)

- Mason Jars and Glass Flip-Top Jars = FREE (already using for food storage)

- Plastic Bins = FREE (some I was already using for food storage and some I acquired some doing some decluttering)

- Plywood for Shelving = $37.00

- Stain for Shelving = FREE (did a custom mix with stain left over from other projects)

- Bread Box = $9.99

- Clear Plastic Containers for Popcorn, Crackers, and Cereal = $21.96

- Risers to Stack Plastic Bins = $9.99

- Labels = FREE (was able to score some from a friend!)

- LED Lights = $29.99

Grand Total = $128.93

If I didn't have to factor in the lights, I would have come in under budget. Oh well. They're a needed feature we weren't expecting. Plus, I now have a fully functional pantry that allows me to stay organized and know where everything is. I consider that a success!

Also, make sure to get out some of my fellow $100 Room Challenge participants and their reveals. Everyone did such a great job!

Until next time...

Happy Designing!

- Angela :)

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