$100 Room Challenge - The Reveal!!!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

First things first. This post is almost two weeks after the deadline. I wanted desperately for the room to be finished on time. Long story short, I've been really sick. If I was healthy, it would have easily been done on time. My husband had to do the lion's share of the painting, flooring, and trim installation. He works full-time, is heavily involved in our son's cub scout pack, and has had to take on more household responsibilities since I've been sick. This has left little time to devote to the bathroom.

I'll be sharing more about what's been going on in an upcoming Instagram post once I've completed all testing. For now, let's move on because this particular blog post isn't about my health. It's about how FREAKING AMAZING my bathroom turned out!

Kicking things off is the door entering the bathroom.

If you noticed in the "Before" pictures, the Powder Room Sign was previously inside the bathroom above the now defunct towel rack. The picture above it is another Kendra John Designs free printable from her bathroom set. I framed it in a frame from IKEA I already had. And just like that, you've got something special as you enter the bathroom!

In addition to the sign on the bathroom door and the "This is How I Roll" sign I shared on my mood board, I added this sign from the Kendra John Designs bathroom set.

I framed the sign using a sign I picked up for free in the swap room at my local transfer station (aka the dump). My husband made the shelf from leftover scrap wood. I already had the mason jars for the cotton swabs and cotton balls. The candle was previously in the bathroom on the other shelf. So, all of the elements in this picture are FREE!!!

My hubby also used leftover scrap wood for the hook we'll be using for hand towels. I used one of the 4 hooks I bought from Hobby Lobby.

The other 3 hooks were added to the previous block of wood that housed the old nautical hooks.

So, the total cost of all the items in the last two pictures is only $9.96 - just the cost of the hooks from Hobby Lobby!

Now for the wall next to the door entering the bathroom.

I moved the hamper that was previously hiding the random red dots on the old floor to against this wall. I also printed out some Ikat pattern fabric samples and framed them in the same IKEA frames I used for the front of the door. I'm telling you, I initially had grand plans for all those picture frames. I'm glad I could finally put them to good use!

Here's a picture of the Ikat prints close up.

In case you were wondering if I could pull off a DIY shower curtain, here it is!

My bathroom is really tiny, so I can't photograph the whole thing in one shot. In any event, this beauty was created from a TABLECLOTH. It was quite the process and I cut my finger in the process, but I did it!

First, I spray painted the grommets with grey spray paint I already had on hand. Then I sewed an inseam where the grommets would sit. Then I measured my old shower curtain to determine spacing of my grommets. Next, I put the grommets on the shower curtain.

**This process can get pretty tedious. And loud - there's a LOT of hammering! Also, the cutter that comes with the grommet kit does not cut through the fabric easily. Which is how I cut my finger - through trying to use scissors to cut out the hole.**

Finally, I cut my shower curtain to length and hemmed the bottom. I don't have pictures of the whole shower curtain making process to show you. If I decide to DIY another shower curtain (I do have a downstairs bathroom too), I'l make sure to take lots of photos and/or do a how-to video.

Here's a picture of the bottom of my new shower curtain and my new bath mat.

After I made my shower curtain, it just so happened that I had some extra fabric left over. So, instead of using the denim fabric from my old shower curtain like I had initially planned, I created this beauty!

I took the curtain rod from the valance that was hanging in the window above my kitchen sink. That means this project was completely FREE!!! I'll probably replace the valance in my kitchen at some point, but today is not that day.

Here is a picture of the new lighting and of course my favorite new bathroom sign...

Finally, I painted the vanity grey.

If I had additional money in my budget, I would have replaced the mirror with a more modern round mirror and replaced the white blinds with a bamboo version. I might have also bought some funky knobs for the vanity. I hope to make these changes sometime soon.

Now, for what I'm sure you're all curious about. Did I stay under budget? Here's a breakdown of what I spent:

Hooks (4) from Hobby Lobby - $9.96

Bath Mat from Target - $6.50

Mistint Paint from Lowe's - $9.00

Flooring from Lumber Liquidators - $40.80

Base Moulding - $24.92

Grommet Kit - $7.87

Extra Grommets - $3.47

Total Spent...$102.52!!!! So close! If I didn't need to get extra grommets (the kit came with 6 and I needed 10), I would have come in under budget. Oh well. I'm so incredibly proud of what was accomplished on such a tight budget. I could not have done this without the most amazing husband in the world doing all of the installation and most of the painting. I also couldn't have done this without all of you cheering me on! Thank you all so much!!!! Until next time...

Happy Designing! :)

- Angela

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