Color Consultation

Paint Buckets

Find the Perfect Paint Color in 90-minutes or Less!


  • Tired of the same four walls and need something new?

  • Have stacks of paint swatches sitting on your counter?

  • Afraid of making a mistake and hating the results?


50 Shades of Indecision


When you decide you want to change up the paint colors, it feels impossible to pick just the right shade.  Your partner may *think* they all look the same, but you know they’re not!  


Stop wasting hours of time (and gallons of paint) when all you need is 90 minutes with me.


It’s called “analysis paralysis” for a reason - and I hate to see my clients spend hours, if not days, agonizing over which paint color will look best in each room, when I know this can be done in a single session together.


How I choose a paint color...


There’s a reason why it can feel so overwhelming - there are so many factors to consider. As an interior designer, I look at all the subtleties of each shade and how it will enhance the mood of the room.


Together we’ll evaluate:


  • The overall look and feel you want to achieve

  • The undertones of each shade

  • How the paint looks in daylight

  • How the paint looks in artificial light (yes, that will be different!)

  • How the paint complements your furniture and décor

Book your 90-minute color consultation today and find that perfect color!


During our time together (either in your home or virtually), you’ll receive:


  • A review of your vision and your existing furnishings

  • 3-4 curated color recommendations per item (trim, walls, ceiling, cabinets, etc.) based on your unique project

  • Large color chip samples for you to keep

  • Guidance on the proper paint finishes


Price starting at $249*

*- pricing based on scope of work and number of rooms

Picking a paint color from hundreds options is just so overwhelming. What I really wanted was someone with a good eye to evaluate the room and narrow it down to 3 choices. 

Angela helped me pick 3 amazing color combinations.  I was able to make a choice in a day, and now I'm ready to paint. 
Thank you, Angela!

- Christine McShane